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United States Golf Tournaments

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There are many golf tournaments every year in the United States, the number of tournaments held each year continues to rise as the popularity of golf in the US also continues an upward trend. They are held for a number of different reasons including charity fundraisers, corporate moral boosters, or just for fun. Many of these golf tournaments are open to the public and would like to attract a greater number of participants. A golf tournament can be one of the best ways to enjoy a day or weekend with friends and/or family. Please click on a state link below to find golf tournaments in your area.

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Why would someone want to participate in a golf tournament? There are a number of different reasons a player may consider playing in a golf tournament. One of the most popular is to help their community, some people might think tournaments are only available for professional golfers and based solely on the aspect of competition, however this is not the case. Many tournaments are held throughout the year to help raise money for charities, increase awareness of an organizations cause, or serve as an event for people with common interests to come together and get to know one another. A golf tournament can be one of the best ways to enjoy a day or weekend with friends and/or family.

Who can participate in a golf tournament? The short answer is anyone interested in golf can find some way to interact in a tournament. Often times tournaments are arranged using a handicap system, meaning the person will be competing against people who are at their same skill level. Organizers can separate players out using the handicap system into what they call flights, this is a way for a coordinator to ensure everyone has a good time and the best player in the field is not directly competing with the worst player in the field. Often time many charities will arrange their tournaments using a scramble format, in this format the golfers are arranged into teams usually consisting of three or four people. All players will tee off from a given tee box. After the tee shot the players will determine which shot was the best and pick up the rest of the balls moving them to the position where the best shot landed. Each player will then hit from that point and continue to repeat the process until the hole out. Golf tournaments provide a fun atmosphere for players of all ages and skill levels.