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Stroke Play Golf Tournament

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Stroke play is the oldest and most popular form of play among golfers through out the world. This is the traditional way of playing the game, anyone who has played golf has played a round using the stroke play method, whether it be in a tournament or an outing with friends. The object of golf is to shoot the lowest score possible which is basically what stroke play is. With this format the person shooting the lowest combined score for 18 holes of golf is declared the winner. Unlike match play it does not matter which participant has the lowest score on a given hole the important thing is to have the lowest score when the round is completed. In the event of a tie at the end of a round the golfers will participate in a predetermined method to break the tie, whether it be sudden death or an eighteen hole play off.

An interesting part of stroke play and golf in general is the handicapping system. This system allows for everyone who plays to compete with anyone else on the golf course, even the worst player on the course will have a chance to beat the best player on the course. The handicap system can be looked at as one player giving another player a head start. For example, player A might have a handicap of 10 while player B might have a handicap of 5, both players complete the round of golf. If player A shoots an 82 they would then be able to deduct five strokes from the final score giving them a net score of 77. The reason that they are able to deduct the strokes from the final score is all thanks to the handicapping system, it tells the players that the second person is five shots better than the first person.