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Skins Golf Tournament

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Skins play can be a very entertaining format to use especially when playing with your close friends. It really seems to heat up the competition. Skins is basically a modified version of match play, however each hole is assigned a point or monetary value. What really makes this style of play interesting is that holes can not be halved, so the value or points assigned to each hole is carried over and added to the value of the next hole, an example of this situation is given below.

Skins can be played with a number of different players, two, three, or even four person groups can all participate in this type of competition. As stated the fact that a tie does not result in the hole being halved is what makes this game so fun. For example, Jim and Bob decide to play $1 per skin, Jim wins the first hole out right by shooting a lower score so he would receive $1. However on the next 4 holes both Jim and Bob tie, the fifth hole would be worth $5, four dollars were carried over from the previous holes plus the one dollar value of the fifth hole.