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Bobby Clampett Videos

You are here >> Home >> Golf Videos>> Bobby Clampett Videos

Below you will find videos of your featured player, Bobby Clampett. Continue to check this page on a regular basis as new videos will by uploaded weekly and in many cases daily.

Views: 2294625
0 ratings
Time: 03:56 More in Howto & Style

Bobby Clampett - Low Point Control w/ Drills.
Views: 31992
28 ratings
Time: 03:38 More in Sports

Founder of Impact Zone Golf & Champions Tour player, Bobby Clampett demonstrates how important the aiming point technique is in taking a correct divot, ahead of the golf ball. This is a great...
Views: 21974
17 ratings
Time: 02:12 More in Sports

Bobby Clampett explains the philosophy of Impact Zone Golf and how he created this teaching system. Using his experience as a player on the PGA Tour and learning from his mistakes, Bobby made...
Views: 10275
8 ratings
Time: 02:10 More in Sports

Bobby Clampett goes over impact zone at Keiser University.
Views: 2665
4 ratings
Time: 09:06 More in Entertainment

The Impact Zone philosophy begins by identifying what that proper impact really is and how all golfers can achieve it. In so doing, golfers can have the knowledge of what they want to accomplish...
Views: 19845
14 ratings
Time: 02:48 More in Sports

Views: 5984
7 ratings
Time: 19:28 More in Sports
Views: 1458
0 ratings
Time: 00:16 More in People & Blogs

In this video, Impact Zone Master Instructor, Brenndan Cooper goes more in depth about how the hands properly work in the golf swing. He gives you a number of drills to practice which will...
Views: 30944
65 ratings
Time: 05:44 More in Sports

From See the great professional golfer Bobby Clampett in action. Learn to play golf like a pro with the 1 Step to Better Golf 4-book series. Books include...
Views: 613
1 ratings
Time: 00:41 More in Sports

A view of Bobby's swing from down the line. At Quail Lodge, Carmel, CA.
Views: 801
0 ratings
Time: 00:22 More in Sports

Bobby Clampett discovered that almost all golfers have a ball bound factor. That is, we are able to create a more forward swing bottom in a full practice swing (ie. line drill), than when hitting...
Views: 4871
6 ratings
Time: 01:58 More in Sports

Bobby Clampett grew up in Pebble Beach, and now after a successful run at CBS sports, Clampett prepares for his stop on the PGA Sr. tour next year, and will conduct clinics to teach the principals...
Views: 13526
6 ratings
Time: 01:37 More in Sports

Bobby Clampett gives an overview of the cause of deep divots and explains how to get out of taking deep divots. Visit for more information.
Views: 13793
14 ratings
Time: 02:38 More in Sports

Bobby Clampett 2006 Charleston SC NW tour.
Views: 22677
2 ratings
Time: 00:13 More in Sports

Views: 1809
0 ratings
Time: 00:18 More in Sports

Bobby Clampett PGA senoir tour player visits Refuge and tells of his experience there.
Views: 403
1 ratings
Time: 00:43 More in People & Blogs

Want to know how CT legends spend their off-weeks? CT players Bobby Clampett and World Golf Hall of Fame member Bernhard Langer gave us a check-in from the slopes at Steamboat Springs in ...
Views: 1226
11 ratings
Time: 01:43 More in Sports

A great view of Bobby's swing from face on, at Quail Lodge, Carmel, CA. Notice how well Bobby generate lag and stores power right up until impact.
Views: 661
1 ratings
Time: 00:03 More in Sports

Bobby Clampett shows how his innovative type of instruction can help golfers improve without emphasizing the need to swing like a tour pro.
From: Ed Vyeda
Views: 980
1 ratings
Time: 01:59 More in People & Blogs Bobby Clampett and The Impact Zone partner with College of Golf. Join the conversation!
Views: 505
1 ratings
Time: 01:07 More in Sports

Bobby Clampett talks about the Essence of ITP at the 2012 Golf in the Kingdom Marathon.
Views: 280
1 ratings
Time: 07:51 More in Education

AG&TD2014013 Bobby Clampett Impact Zone 2014 PGA Show.
Views: 172
0 ratings
Time: 05:12 More in Travel & Events

Follow our blog: Bobby Clampett imitates The Greatest Golfer of All Time Jack Nicklaus! Did he do the Golden Bear justice? Go see Bobby's Impact Based training...
Views: 199
0 ratings
Time: 00:16 More in Sports

Bobby Clampett speaks about the 1st hole at Fallen Oak Golf Course during the Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic.
Views: 65
0 ratings
Time: 00:55 More in Gaming