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Planning Golf Tournament

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Planning a golf tournament can seem like a daunting task for many charities and amateur golf tournament organizers, however it can be made easier by outlining a few objectives of the event. Planning every detail of the tournament will make the actual day go much smoother and reduce the late night and headaches that coordinators may encounter when putting an event together. Once the event is planned the party in charge is still not free of worry, however it does greatly reduce the possibility of something going wrong. Below we have outlined a few of the items people should look at when trying to plan their event.

One of the most important aspects of tournament planning is to establish a purpose that will get others throughout your community involved.

Fundraising This should be the main purpose. Raising needed funds for a worthwhile purpose.

Public Relations This event can be used as a great PR event and will give you tremendous exposure for your organization. If you work with the local media, you will receive coverage because of its uniqueness.

Entertainment You can use this event to entertain clients by having them out the day of the event and playing golf at their leisure. Competition This is a great opportunity to have several groups and organizations to compete in raising funds.

Networking By inviting certain groups and vendors, it may be used as a relationship building opportunity.

Fun Every event should be fun. By producing a first class event with games, contests and incentives, it will be fun.

Fundraising is the main goal of most of charity golf tournaments, if this is the main purpose for the event here are a couple of questions to ask during the planning process.

How much money do you want to raise?
Be specific and make sure that everyone knows the goal.
Be realistic, understand your golfers and their demographics.

Where is the money going?
Ensure that you have a good reason for raising the money. If it goes to administration, you will not have as many donors with compassion for your cause.

After you have established a purpose for the event you can then start planning the actual event itself. First secure a date that will work for most of the audience you plan to target, for example if a cooridinator is trying to get companies to sponsor or participate in the event planning the tournament during the week might not be the best option as many people will be working.

Once the date and time has been established you must then choose the course, be sure to visit mutliple courses and check out all amenities to ensure that they are able to host the event without incident.

Coordinators may also find that prizes for a tournament will be provided by local businesses, simply drop in to some businesses in the community present the ideas for the golf tournament and ask if they would be willing to donate services or physical products.

While this is not an entire blueprint for golf tournament planning following the above steps will be a great start and go long way into the process.

- Phil Immordino, Golf Tournament Association of America