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Rockford Junior Golf Tournaments

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If you are considering teaching your child to play golf the sooner you start the better. Many professional golfers began playing as young as the age of three, this does not mean if someone starts at this age they will become a professional golfer. However, golfing at a young age provides the child with the opportunity to enjoy the game for a lifetime many golfers wish they would have discovered the game much earlier in life. Please click one of the courses below to discover if there are any junior golf tournaments available.

Rockford Golf Courses

 Aldeen Golf Club
 Alpine Hills Golf and Practice Center
 Atwood Homestead Golf Course
 Elliot Golf Course
 Forest Hills Country Club
 Ingersoll Memorial Golf Course
 Mauh-Nah-Tee-See Country Club
 Rockford Country Club
 Sandy Hollow Golf Course
 Sinnissippi Park Golf Club