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United States Charity Golf Tournaments

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Finding a charity golf tournament to play in does not have to be a difficult task, please click one on the state links below to begin searching for events in your local area.

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Charity golf tournaments have become one most popular ways for non for profit organizations to raise money for their and let the community know about their cause. Charity organizations around the country have started to organize tournaments, many on an annual basis, to help support and raise money for their cause. With the growing popularity of golf in the US and the increased amount of golfers around the country it makes sense charity tournaments would be a good way to raise money for a cause, the concept works because it combines a personís hobby with helping the community. Most golfers do have a desire to help their community combine this with a chance to play golf and you have a winning combination many enthusiasts will bend over backwards to participate in. In fact this concept has been so successful many organizations receive more than half of their yearly revenue from an annual golf tournament, some regular tournaments have been known to raise over one hundred thousand dollars for the charity or not for profit organization they represent.

How have charity golf tournaments become so successful? The success of these events takes months of planning and involves many different factors such as choosing a date where almost anyone can play and making sure to choose a local course where many golfers have already played and are familiar with. There are a few ways a charity golf tournament can raise money for the organization. The first are entry fees paid by the players participating in the tournament, if the coordinator does a good job of letting the community know about the charity golf even there should be no problem filling out the entire roster with individuals or teams. Many players love playing in charity events in order to help the charity, contribute a tax deductible donation, meeting new golfers to play with, and simply because the tournaments are fun. Another way tournaments can get donations is by selling hole and tee sponsorships to local businesses. Most businesses rely on advertising to receive new customers and recognize any time they can advertise at a charity golf tournament it is a good idea.