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North Dakota Amateur Golf Tournaments

You are here >> Home >> United States Amateur Golf Tournaments >> North Dakota Amateur Golf Tournament

If you are looking for amateur golf tournaments in North Dakota we can help, simply click the name of the city in your are below to begin searching for amateur events in the area.

North Dakota Amateur Golf Tournaments









































 Devils Lake







 New Rockford



 New Town












 Park River














 Glen Ullin




 South Heart


 Grand Forks



 Grand Forks AFB







 Valley City












 Watford City





 La Moure





North Dakota Amateur golf tournaments provide a great forum for golfers on all skill levels to test their skills against other players on the same level. Playing in a North Dakota amateur golf tournament is easier than one might think, many players feel they may not be ready to play or need to become an expert at the sport before participating in their first tournament, however this is not the case. Player in North Dakota tournaments sometimes ask themselves how will I stack up against the competition or I am just a beginner and can not compete with someone who has been playing their entire life. Luckily there is a system in place used by North Dakota tourney organizers to separate the players based on their skill level, the system is called the handicap system and is recognized by professional organizers and coordinators throughout the golf world. The system allows for all amateur golf tournaments in North Dakota to be fairly separated into divisions or flights based on the previous scores of the player who is participating. The system can be applied to virtually any type of tournament whether it be stroke play, match play, skins, and anything other format. A few of the local courses where one might find North Dakota tournaments include Walhalla Country Club - Walhalla, Bois de Sioux Golf Course - Wahpeton, Linton Country Club - Linton, Kenmare Country Club - Kenmare, Fargo Country Club - Fargo, El Zagal Par 3 Golf Course - Fargo, Painted Woods Golf Course - Washburn, Ellendale Country Club - Ellendale, Heart River Municipal Golf Course - Dickinson, Cavalier Country Club - Cavalier, Ray Richards Golf Course - Grand Forks, New Rockford Golf Club - New Rockford, Williston Country Club - Williston, Links of North Dakota at Red Mike Resort - Williston, Westridge Golf Course - Underwood,