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United States Amateur Golf Tournaments

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To begin searching for amateur events in your area please click on one of the states below to continue narrowing down your search.

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Amateur golf tournaments can be a great way for golfers of all skill levels to showcase their skills against other people with the same interests. Golfers around the country often feel the need to compete against their friends and peers, amateur golf tournaments allow the opportunity for almost every adult golfer on any level to find the competition they crave. Many amateur tournaments are held throughout the United States each year, however many go unfilled or have to be cancelled due to lack of participation, some amateurs may not know where to find these tournaments even though they would love to play. If you are searching for amateur golf tournaments around your area Fore Golf Tournament is here to help, one of our main goals is to increase the activity and participation level for tournaments of all kinds. Amateur golf tournaments may be the hardest type to fill when compared too charity and children’s events, this happens for a number of reasons the main reason being lack of knowledge about the amateur event because most amateur tournaments do not have a large advertising budget it is sometime hard for golfers to hear about an event coming to their area.

While some recreational golfers have honed their skills to the point where they feel they have mastered the game, there is a great majority of players who feel their game is lacking in many area. While the first group may feel they are ready to compete with confidence the second group may feel like they are not ready, however most tournament coordinators will automatically divide up a field based on their skill level. Using an established handicap system the field can be divided up into different sections where everyone is able to compete against players who are on their same level making the amateur golf tournament fun for players on any level from semi-professional to beginner.