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Alternate Shot Golf Tournament

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Alternate shot golf tournaments are very popular for amateur events as they provide a twist for playing a regular round. In this style of play there are two people on each team one member of the team will hit the tee shot, the second player would then hit the second shot, the third shot would then be hit by the player who teed off. The two players will continue to hit every other shot until the ball has been put into the hole. The number of strokes that it takes the two players to get the ball into the hole will be their team score on the given hole. This type of tournament play is also known as foursomes.

A true alternate shot golf tournament is one in which each team only plays one ball, however there are different variations on this format that have been developed. One such variation on this format allows both players in a team to tee off, the most advantageous of the two tee shots is then chosen and the other ball is picked up. The player who did not hit the tee shot must then hit the second shot with the third shot being hit by the player who hit the better of the two tee shots. This pattern is continued until the ball is holed. There are a couple of different names for this style of play, Fensome, St. Andrews Foursome, and Scotch Foursome are of the more common names, however there are probably many others.